Monday, February 10, 2014

Fantasy Marketing League: Build your Ingreso Cybernetico Team

Ingreso Cybernetico provides tools and training for internet marketers. Their tools include:

Cloud Storage
Landing Pages
Sales Letters
Prospecting System
Domains & Professional Hosting
Digital Products (get 100% comissions for selling them)
Mobile Apps
And much more.

You can use these tools if you need them or not (dont need to use them all if you dont need them). The way i and my team are building this program is very simple, we use a free facebook strategy that everyone can easily duplicate with proven results.

Ingreso Cybernetio has a start up cost of $50 one time for the basic plan. There are 6 different plans that they call business centers. Each upgrade provide you with more tools and training. You can upgrade to the other plans with your profits. Each Plan puts you into a small 2x2 matrix (only 6 people to cycle) and get a check of $125 over and over again, because each time you cycle you will get another entry in a new matrix.

So you can get checks of $125, $300 and $900 over and over again when you cycle the 3 first Plans.

The back office is available in English Spanish and now Portuguese too.


    We have a team build where each member receives 2 referrals.
    Receive Digital Products that you can resell.
    You receive your own AutoReponder that you can use to build your own list.
    Custom Capture Pages
    Hosting with your own domain name.
    6 Separate Pay Centers in business opportunity.
    Earn between $125 to $10,500 from each Pay Center over and over.
    Plus Much More...

No Recruiting Needed.

With our Team Build you do not need to recruit. We will be building your downline for you.

We have a Team Build for the Ingreso Cybernetico program.

Each new member is given two referrals in the Ingreso Cybernetico program. Our team build will be focusing on you starting on the $50 level and then using your earnings to advance to the next level. It is our intention for our team members to earn multiple $125 / $300 / $900 / $1500 / $4500 / $10,500 commissions over and over again. We do this by working as a team through our team leadership.

How does it work?

Passive Team Build, Co-Op's, Guaranteed Sales!

We Promote Your Link For You! Time Sensitive!

Still Struggling? Brand New Marketing System Will Generate You Traffic, Leads and Sales Guaranteed!

We are about to introduce the industries FIRST Pay It Forward Fully Automated Marketing System and Co-op that is guaranteed to Get You TRAFFIC, LEADS and SALES!

Making Money online is Easy if you have a Simple System!

All you need to do is simply join my Team


and Get Ready to Watch the Magic Happen.

We Immediately Promote YOU to Get you on the Fast Track to Getting Traffic, Leads and Sales!
*You could get your 1st Sale within an Hour!

You get Access to our Fully Automated Marketing System and Team Co-op that is 100% Guaranteed to get you on your Way to Your 1st $ale without you knowing how it even happened!

In addition to our team build helping you build your business you can also receive spillover from me! I am currently the one of 1 recruiter for the month and am at the top of all the contest Leaderboards. All this people I am bringing in could be going under YOU!

1. Join here--->
    *You can start for as little as $50

Please Note: Our team ad co-ops will place two people under each member building your team and income over time!

2. Need more details? Go to my Info page at

3. Be ready to be Amazed!

Join Us Today.

Please consider joining our team and you will be part of one of the most profitable teams in the
Ingreso Cybernetico program.

We are not just a team. We are a team build. We build your downlines.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Cyclerpassive Daily Income Plan - This is more quality advertising!

Cycler Passive is a new passive program that will be launching following week. The program was revealed today and 500 participants have currently registered. As the label implies this is a passive program. No referring is required.

There are two ways to gain. You could gain from Revenue Share and you could earn from a Straight Line Cycler. I was informed today that in order to gain in the Cycler you need to buy a position in the Revenue Share.
The Revenue Share makes you in between 150 % to 175 % from your down payments. You can transfer as little as $10.

Cycler Passive Line of Products
No retailable products or services offered by Cycler Passive. Members join the company and purchase some ad packs to advertise their businesses on the same website and to get a chance to earn from their revenue sharing program.

Cycler Passive is offering 3 different kinds of ad packs. Silver Ad Packs, Gold Ad Packs and Platinum Ad Packs.
Silver Ad Packs
Silver Ad Packs cost $10 per pack. It is equivalent to 1,000 texts and 1,000 banner credits. You then earn 0.052 every 30 minutes for a period of 55 days, giving you a ROI of 150% upon expiry.
Gold Ad Packs
Gold Ad Packs cost $80 per pack. It is equivalent to 5,000 texts and 5,000 banner credits. You then earn 0.062 every 30 minutes for a period of 50 days, giving you a ROI of 165% upon expiry.
Platinum Ad Packs
Platinum Ad Packs cost $250 per pack. Equivalent to 10,000 text and 10,000 banner credits. You then earn 0.072 every 30 minutes for a period of 50 days, giving you a ROI of 175% upon expiry.
Cycler Passive Compensation Plan
Cycler Passive is using a Straight Line Cycler. A Straight Line Cycler is where affiliates are placed in a single straight line with the oldest at the top of the line and the newest at the bottom of line. The money is then cycled out among the affiliates with the affiliate on top of the cycler being the first one to get paid. Cycler Passive is offering a 10 line cycler.

However, all affiliates must start from line one before moving to the next line.  For example, the first line cost $10 and when you cycle out, you earn $30. However, you will not receive the total $30 but instead, $20 will be used to purchase for you a position in line 2. The whole process repeats itself until all the 10 lines are completed.
Cycler Passive Payment Processors and Withdrawals
Cycler Passive is using Egopay, Solid Trust Pay and Perfect Money. Withdrawals are processed 12 hours upon request. You must have alteast $10 to request for a withdrawal.
Bottom Line
With no retailable products and Cycler Passive acknowledging that affiliates are investing their money back ("investment of $10 back"), it is clear that Cycler Passive is operating a pure ponzi scheme.
Cycler Passive releases following week. You can join now and secure on your own in with our group.
That recommends now and anticipate my following upgrade.


Sunday, November 3, 2013


DIRECTPAYBIZ Is Going Viral Fast
Direct Payments - No Admin Fees - 100% Commissions
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Money In Just 5 Minutes
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5x4 Forced Matrix
Spillover & Spillunder
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fantasy Marketing League TEAM - This is a REAL serious opportunity

This IS NOT hype - This is a REAL serious opportunity For YOU to make a lot of money - with our help!


Are you tired of being part of the 95% of people that do not make money online?

Are you fed up with the same people making all the money and leaving you behind?

Welcome to the Fantasy Marketing League which industry experts are calling the best thing that's ever happened to the average person looking to make money online.

We are Making a Difference by putting the Average Marketer in the position of the "Gurus" and helping them Create the Incomes of their Dreams!

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Our marketing community ensures your success with all the tools and support including massive ad co-ops! 
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Fantasy Marketing League TEAM
Fantasy Marketing League TEAM

Those of you who show the forethought to get in the "Fantasy Marketing League" community NOW are going to be some very, very, very happy people.
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

RWJ Marketing - We Are The Fastest Growing PMP and Summit77 Team Build !

If you have been looking for a Team Build that actually Produces Results, your search is over! No matter if you are an experienced marketer or not You * Will * Succeed with RWJ Marketing! Our Unique Team Build will have you earning over & over.

It only costs you $2 every 7 Days! That's $8 Bucks a month. Payment systems: PayPal, Payza, Solidtrustpay and EgoPay.

What Will This $8 A Month Do For You!

It will pay your way into the PMP business opportunity! (*Value $25.00*)

It will keep placing Paid Members into your PMP business opportunity!

YES we will keep placing an Unlimited Amount of Personal Referrals into your PCM business! ( ** Value $25.00 Per Member Placed In YOUR PMP business **).
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RWJ Marketing Team

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Prosperity Cash Machine Teambuild, Everyone get refs

~Prosperity Cash Machine Is Going Viral Fast~

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A New Different Very Unique 2x2

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hybridadz: Super Fast Passive Profit Center!

I want to share with you the best passive low cost income earning system I have ever seen!

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